Charlotte Bircow Næss-Schmidt is 60 years old and the women who brought the fitness idea to Denmark. She invented the first Fitness Gyms, the first fitness instructor educations, and introduced Spinning to the Nordic Countries. She has sold more than 1,5 million fitness videoes and written 7 books about mental and physical health. 
Therefore it is no exaggeration that Charlotte has helped to make exercise and training a part of our everyday lives. She is know as Denmarks Fitness queen, one of the most popular speakers and lifestyle coaches with a focus for more than 25 years on the health scene, creating health and well-being - physically and mentally. 
Today we also know her as the vulnerable but strong woman that in an exemplary manner has overcome her cancer and shared her fight and her positive outcome with everybody in Denmark. When Charlotte was diagnosed with "Breast cancer", she felt strong and healthy, although she had been feeling the knot in her breast for a long time. The metastases had also spread to the lymph, so both chemo and radiation was inevitable. 
When diagnosed cured after 8 months treatment, she found it difficult to feel fit and healthy, because she never had felt sick – only because of the medical treatment. "I needed to feel strong and healthy again, and therefore decided that if I could finish the world's toughest Ironman, 3.8 km swim in the sea, 180 km cycling in the mountains of stiff headwind and then 42, 2 km marathon in the wind and heat, then I knew that my organs would be ok. After six month of training I found myself competing in Lanzarote Ironman and reached the finishline - 21 minutes to late, but I was out exercising for 17 hours and 21 min, so I knew that I could now again feel strong and healthy in my body. 
Since the first Ironman, I have made it to the finishline in both Lanzarote Ironman and Copenhagen Ironman once again. When I got to the finishline at the first Ironman, I had blood blisters under my feet when I was trying to run, and the cream that I used for Biking was really not working for me. Suddenly it struck me that I had after all been through a cancer treatment, so maybe I should start to investigate the ingredients in the chamois creams that I used for biking. 
This was the beginning of “Active by Charlotte - Fitness 4 your skin- for all of us who love to live healthy, and want to take good care of ourselves. Without parabens, perfume, dyes, etc. Declared in cooperation with Asthma - Allergy Denmark and certified by Ecocert Greenlife.
  • 60 Years
  • Top Motivational Speaker
  • CEO and Founder Active by Charlotte – Fitness 4 your skin
  • Ambassador Danish Cancer – and Hearth Association
  • Education HA/HD i økonomi på CBS
  • Executive Board Member  CBS
  • NLP and NLC Lifecoach – Chek Institute San Diego
  • Produced TV-programs
  • Author of 7 books
  • Sold 1,5 mill Exercisedvd´s in DK
  • Former owner of two Gyms: Sportsclub og Sweatshop
  • Introduced spinning i the Nordic Countries